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Coincidentally yet inevitably

During fall 2016, Dr. Huang coincidentally came across the fact that a 40 years old machine magazine is facing its terminating phase. Out of social responsibility, and concern over the deteriorating machinery industry, he decided to begin his mission of creating a new magazine " Insight Machinery Magazine ".

Insight Machinery Magazine is a new magazine, with an old soul. It is a machinery magazine that went through recent 40 years of Taiwan machinery industry. However, at the same time, a new platform for both academic and industry to interact and exchange the latest news. With its abundant content of machine and components knowledge, Insight Machinery Magazine also plays an important role for readers over the internet.

Insight Machinery Magazine is an essential learning tool for engineers and students to gain knowledge in this field; it is also a ground for people in the mechanical faculty to publish their pragmatic thesis. It not only provides people in the machine sector to collect data, but also a massive media and public relation platform which provides guideline for research and development, knowledge, enterprise purchasing, product marketing and all rounded things that you need to know about the machinery world.

The foundation of Insight Machinery Magazine was by the support of four respected persons. Mr. HUANG, Po-Chih, Mr. CHEN, Yih-Nan, Mr. CHENG, Sheng-Wen, Mr. CHIANG, Mao-Hsiung. Together with column editors and authors who are willing to share their wisdom to readers. Last, but not least an extremely creative and enthusiastic team collaborating closely.


2016 is a year of shaking and unstable world political issues. Insight Machinery Magazine was born in this year of uncertain condition, just as Charles Dickens wrote in A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” We believe Insight Machinery Magazine will help people in this field to explore the never ending boundaries of professional knowledge.



Introduction of magazine

The most prestigious name in machinery magazine

"Insight Machinery Magazine", as a leading media in the machinery world. Our most update information includes: industry 4.0, intelligent machinery, automation, pneumatic and hydraulic system, molding, electric motor, transmission, gear, industrial control, cutting processing and tool, precision measuring and calibration, machine tool, green energy, vehicle, wind power, etc. Our mission is to provide informative article, with continuous innovation. We are proud to be the leading media in the market. 


Three specialties that brings Insight Machinery Magazine a bright future. 


First, " Right Topic ". Every month, the Insight Machinery Magazine selects important articles of the month in the machine field. With diversified orientation, every article is suitable for readers to gain the latest updates.


Secondly, " Expert Team ". Our editor team consists of experts in the industry, government sector, academic sector, and the research & development sector. They provide high quality articles and current industry information. Which company has the latest product? Which company has the latest technology? Through Insight Machinery Magazine's massive business partners, we allow our customers to be the most informative and leading social group through marketing, research, and social media. 


Thirdly, " Doing the Right Thing ". Insight machinery Magazine's market position and strategies consists of the balance of companies' inheritance and innovation. We hope we can take care of the depth of our passages, and most importantly, articles that are close to the recent market, plus temperature from the humanity point of view.


Starting from 2017, PHD Books Co., Ltd. operated Insight Machinery Magazine via " New Messenger and Diligent Planning ". Hoping it to be the most connective platforms for overseas readers in the digital age. Starting out from Taiwan, we wish to reach Chinese speaking countries in the world.


Our team is professional, and competitive. It is lead by publisher, Dr. HUANG, Li-Han. He got his Ph.D. degree in Engineering from The University of Tokyo, Japan. Born in a machinery industry family, he put all his hardship in his operation. Insight Machinery Magazine is the top machine magazine in Taiwan!

New Messenger and Diligent Planning